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Behind the Brushstrokes: Exploring Night Souljers' New Mixtape 'Painting the Process

Updated: Feb 23

The Night Souljers newest project "Painting The Process" was released on September 30th 2022 and is published as their first full project. The mixtape has a total of twelve songs with a thirty four minute listening time. The new project can be described as a lyrical lo-fi blend of electronic hip-hop and jazz. The Night Souljers describe "Painting The Process" as, "The first time we grabbed from the universe and made our musical ideas a reality." As the Night Souljers continue to hone their musicality sense, they hope to provide the listener with a fun creative outlook on life that brings music and the listener closer together. A special thank you to our friend Gabriel the artist behind the artwork, It means a lot to us. Feel free to follow him on Instagram @gee_paints2. We hope you enjoy and see that you too can chase a dream of your own with hard work, a plan, and of course a little action!

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