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"Is the new Pioneer DJ gear FLX-6 GT the game changer for NightSouljers live shows?"

The NightSouljers are excited to announce their newest piece of gear the Pioneer FLX-6 GT! This exciting announcement comes with a new addition to their content, live NightSouljers DJ sets which will be streamed via our social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube with other additions coming later down the line. When Nightsouljers producer RexBeats was asked what he’s most excited for regarding the new gear he said, “I’m most excited to give our fans a new form of content they have yet to see from us. I used to DJ a lot in high school, and that level of interest and really being a curator of music is what ultimately led me to making beats so I’m excited to learn this new piece of gear and play good music for everyone.” The new accessory is a 4 channel controller with full size jog wheels and a matte grey look. Plex and RexBeats are excited to perform and test out some features like the performance pads, and merge FX.

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